Faith & Service


Fall In Love With the Service of God

As it is written in the Fundamental Principles of the Xaverian Brothers, the students, faculty, and staff of Mount Saint Joseph, "share the love of God with the world through their own giftedness." By giving of themselves through service, they draw closer to the heart of Jesus and closer to their brothers and sisters in Christ. They see that in today's world, a loving good person - even alone - can make a difference.

All freshmen complete a day of service at Our Daily Bread. Juniors have a minimum requirement of 40 hours of service for the year, and seniors have a minimum requirement of 20 hours. There is also an opportunity for seniors to take a Spirituality and Service class where they are able to complete more hours of service and reflect on that time.
Students complete an average of 96 hours of service over their four years.

Luke 12:48

To whom much is given, much will be expected.
For more information on faith and service at Mount Saint Joseph, please contact the Director of Campus Ministry, Mr. Clay Bonham, at

Mount Saint Joseph High School

Mount Saint Joseph is a Catholic, college preparatory school for young men sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.