Student Life

It's A Great Day to be a Gael

At Mount Saint Joseph, we strive to promote a supportive, inclusive environment and an eternal brotherhood. Experiences like Junior and Senior Retreats help students create bonds with their classmates that will last well beyond graduation. There are also ample opportunities to get involved on campus and continue to strengthen friendships and explore interests outside of the classroom. Students can choose from 50 unique clubs and activities and 17 interscholastic sports.

Clubs & Activities

Mount Saint Joseph offers a wide variety of clubs, activities, and service opportunities in addition to our comprehensive academic program. Former President Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. often instructed, "Don't just be an 8:00 to 2:30 student. Find your niche and make The Mount your second home."

We invite you to find your niche in one (or several) of our many clubs and activities. If you wish to start your own club or organization, that is encouraged as well. Contact Mr. Sam Bianco '01, Director of Student Life, at to get started.

Student Organizations

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  • Asian American Culture Club

    Description coming soon.

    Moderator: Mr. Gibbons
  • Black Student Union

    An affinity group for Black students that promotes equity, inclusion, and community at MSJ.

    Moderators: Mr. Turner & Mr. Eley
  • Latin American Student Union

    An affinity group for Latino students and their allies that promotes equity, inclusion, and community at MSJ.

    Moderator: Mrs. Schick
  • National Honor Society

    An organization that strives to recognize students in the four pillars of character, scholarship, leadership, and service. The students exemplify these pillars in the work that we do within our community.

    Moderators: Ms. Gallagher & Ms. Long
  • Rho Kappa Social Studies Honors Society

    Open to Juniors and Seniors. Students are admitted to Rho Kappa for academic achievement in the Social Studies. Students are asked to participate in service activities and extracurricular field trips and guest speakers.

    Moderator: Mr. Folmer
  • Student Ambassadors

    The Student Ambassador Club provides students the opportunity to represent the Mount in a positive way, at various events throughout the year. Students work closely with the Admissions Office to assist in recruitment efforts.

    Moderators: Mr. Hoffman & Mr. Eley
  • Student Council

    Elected student leaders who plan activities, advocate for their peers, and serve the MSJ school community in various capacities.

    Moderators: Mr. Bianco, Ms. Gallagher & Dr. Walker
  • The Student Section

    Get ready to ignite school spirit like never before! Students are encouraged to join, show their MOJO school spirit by supporting their fellow classmates during athletics and activities.

    Moderator: Dr. Walker
  • Wellness Club

    Students explore the dimensions of wellness including social (planning activities, events, & field trips), physical (exercise, nutrition, & sleep), emotional (coping strategies & life skills), and intellectual (knowledge & resources). We will collaborate with and support other MSJ clubs and identify their connection to wellness.

    Moderator: Mr. Murphy

Academic & Interscholastic

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  • ACE (Architecture, Construction, Engineering)

    ACE is a team that competes against 10 other area high schools to design a construction project including CAD and engineering elements, with a focus on efficiency and renewable energy.

    Moderator: Mr. Kellermann
  • Business Club

    Build and/or improve upon your resume and LinkedIn profile, hear from guest speakers, participate in externships (rising seniors), get assistance with job applications, watch relevant business videos, and participate in the school's Phonathon. 75% attendance is required. In the spring, the club will host four outside professionals to help seniors upgrade their resumes and practice interview skills.

    Moderator: Mr. Prezelski
  • College Ambassadors Club

    This club is open to juniors and seniors interested in learning more about colleges and universities and assisting with our college representative visits program which takes place during the Fall. Members meet and greet college admissions counselors from colleges and universities when they arrive to our campus. Members promote attendance for the college presentations, help generate interest in college exploration, and provide student generated leadership in the college counseling program. Members who assist with our annual college fair in October are awarded service hours.

    Moderators: Mrs. Campbell & Mrs. Johnson
  • CyberPatriot

    CyberPatriot is a team that competes against hundreds of teams nationwide.

    Moderator: Mr. Kellermann
  • Environmental Engineering Club

    Working in the MSJ Innovation and STEM Lab, students will engage with sustainability and environmentally focused projects from the design to build phases. Past and current projects include designing and building vertical gardens, a kinetic sculpture machine, and exploring sustainable energy sources.

    Moderators: Mr. Ader, Dr. Obniski & Mr. Schmidt
  • First Tech Challenge Robotics Team

    FTC is a robotics team that competes with other area groups. Students will design, build, and program robots. It requires great commitment.

    Moderator: Mr. Kellermann
  • It’s Academic (Quiz Bowl Competition)

    It's Academic is a trivia-based competition which participates in the Catholic League (5 meets per year) and weekend tournaments. If you enjoy "Jeopardy!" and Trivial Pursuit, this is for you. The club is open to all students and meets every Tuesday from 2:30 to 3:30 in Room 4.

    Moderator: Mr. Dutrow
  • Makerspace & 3D Printing

    Description coming soon.

    Moderators: Mr. Ader, Mrs. Stender & Dr. Obniski
  • Maryland Math League

    The Maryland Math League is a competitive mathematics organization that hosts annual math contests for students in Maryland, encouraging mathematical excellence and providing opportunities for participants to showcase their problem-solving skills.

    Moderator: Ms. Gallagher
  • Model United Nations

    Students participate in simulated conferences throughout the year, both on campus at other schools. Simulations are current events, historical, and fiction-based.

    Moderator: Mr. Folmer
  • Personal Finance Challenge Team

    The team competes in the Maryland Personal Finance Challenge and, if qualified, the National Challenge.

    Moderator: Mr. Prezelski
  • Speech and Debate

    Interscholastic competition in debate and various dramatic and oratorical events with the Baltimore Catholic Forensics League.

    Moderators: Mr. Stromberg, Ms. Long & Mrs. Nilsen
  • STEM Olympiad

    Description coming soon.

    Moderator: Mr. Ader
  • Sustainability Club

    A group which looks to educate students on sustainability initiatives and takes on sustainability projects at MSJ.

    Moderators: Ms. Diacopolous & Mr. Ader
  • World Languages Club

    Students will meet in fellowship to explore language & culture. This year we will begin with study of beginner German language, using "German is Fun." We will complement this with foreign language historical film around WWI & WWII. Film agenda will be set collectively. Other activities may also be explored given student interest, to include cuisine, informal spoken language practice through dialogue. Tutoring for underclassmen in French & Italian, especially with vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar drill, will also be available. All are welcome, refreshments will be served.

    Moderator: Dr. Pease

Campus Ministry

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  • Rise Up (Student-Led Prayer Group)

    Open to all students, students gather together in the mornings for prayer, reflections, and conversation.

    Moderators: Mrs. Abdo, Mr. Bonham, Mr. Slattery & Mr. Stromberg
  • Ryken Service Club

    To increase Mount Saint Joseph's service footprint inside and outside of the MSJ community. The Ryken Club is dedicated to finding ways to serve our brothers and sisters in need, but in a particular way, it was initiated to serve the community of Irvington. to prepare lunches for My Brothers Keeper and to pack food for an organization called called "Blessings in a Backpack." Those backpacks will be delivered to Beechfield Elementary School.

    Moderators: Mrs. Abdo, Mr. Bonham, Mr. Slattery & Mr. Stromberg
  • Take A Stand

    Take a Stand works to build bridges of communication, understanding, and respect among diverse groups through dialogue and exploration of contemporary social justice issues.
  • Xaverian Brothers Sponsored Schools (XBSS) Student Team

    XBSS is an organization of student leaders who work to serve, guide, and enhance the faith community of MSJ in the spirit of the Xaverian Brothers. They dedicate themselves to carry on the Xaverian charism, stewardship, and ministry in our school community.

    Moderators: Mr. Stromberg, Mr. Bonham, Mrs. Abdo & Mr. Slattery
  • Campus Ministry Student Team

    Description coming soon.

    Moderators: Mrs. Abdo, Mr. Bonham, Mr. Slattery & Mr. Stromberg

Hobbies & Interests

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  • Anime Club

    Students get together each week for spirited discussions, friendly debates, and anime screenings. Whether you're a seasoned fan or new to anime, our community welcomes all. Discover your next favorite series with us!

    Moderator: Dr. Walker
  • Board Games Club

    A place to play card and board games with friends.

    Moderators: Mr. Rogers & Dr. Walker
  • Bocce Club

    MSJ Bocce Club is open to all on the MSJ campus, on our beautiful, new tournament-grade courts! Plan for the current & future glory of MSJ Bocce while having great fun, fellowship, study of game, exercise & practice of technique & precision, exploring culture through sport. This year, in addition to the Homecoming Saturday intramural tournament, we will have opportunity to play & compete with Little Italy Baltimore bocce leagues!

    Moderator: Dr. Pease
  • Chess Club

    Open to all students of various skill levels for casual or challenging chess matches and tournaments, as well as checkers and backgammon games.

    Moderators: Mrs. Wichmann & Mrs. Bennett
  • Classic Film Club

    Classic Film Club watches and critiques films that have stood the test of time.

    Moderators: Mr. O'Donnell & Mr. Lambdin
  • Fishing Club

    The fishing club provides opportunities for all students, novice to expert, to get outside and go fishing. Our goal is to get students outside and enjoy the beauty of our natural resources.

    Moderators: Mr. Townshend & Mr. Vicchio
  • Graphic Novel Book Club

    Choose, read, and discuss graphic novels, manga, comic books, and related works.

    Moderators: Mrs. Wichmann & Mrs. Bennett
  • Intramural Sports

    Intramural Sports is a way for MSJ students to come together to play a variety of sports & activities in a semi-competitive format. In the winter, we play football and soccer. In the spring, we play basketball.

    Moderators: Mr. Bonham, Mr. Campbell & Mr. Slattery
  • Investment Club

    Participate in the Market Watch competition each fall and spring, win prizes (free lunch), learn from student presentations on investing topics, guest speakers, etc.

    Moderator: Mr. Prezelski
  • Karate Club

    The Karate Club's promotes excellence and camaraderie through demanding physical training. We practice a full-contact style known as Kyokushin. As part of the Phoenix Karate Association, we are connected to other Kyokushin dojos in the U.S. (2 of which are in Maryland) and MSJ students may train with them for free.

    Photos and videos can be found at

    Our FAQ letter can be found here.

    Moderator: Mr. Kauffman
  • Outdoor Adventure Club

    The Outdoor Adventure Club sponsors outdoor adventure trips such as hiking, whitewater rafting and caving at various times throughout the year. In addition, members of the club participate in environmentally-related service or educational opportunities such as campus cleanups and attending guest speaker presentations.

    Moderator: Mr. McDivitt
  • Pickleball Club

    Description coming soon.

    Moderator: Mr. Stromberg Sr. '93
  • Ping Pong Club

    We play ping pong!

    Moderator: Mr. Davis
  • Roundnet Club

    We are bringing Spikeball to the MIAA! We play weekly after school and compete in national tournaments.

    Moderators: Mr. Stromberg & Mr. Slattery
  • Sports Medicine and Sports Psychology

    Discussion and enrichment on topics related to sports medicine and sport psychology.

    Moderators: Dr. Siebens & Dr. Walker
  • Student Alumni Association

    Off campus visits to network with alumni, planning and attending events, spreading MSJ spirit throughout campus, assist the Development team, learn about current alumni traditions and what is means to be a Mount Saint Joseph alumnus.

    Moderators: Mrs. Morano & Mr. Ballinger
  • Video Game Club / Esports

    Video Game Club provides students an opportunity to play video games together after school. Students can play couch co-op or multiplayer games, such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, other Nintendo Switch games, and even try out some retro systems, such as PS2 and N64!

    Esports is a competitive, virtual gaming league hosted by High School Esports League. Students can compete in a variety of single-player and co-op games against other high school esports teams across the region. Tournament winners are eligible for prizes and scholarships. Fall Major Games: Super Smash Bros. Deluxe, Mario-Kart 8 Deluxe, Splatoon 3, Brawlhalla, Rocket League, and Chess.

    Moderator: Mrs. Schick
  • Weightlifting Club

    Gives students a time and place to get familiar with a weight room. All skill levels welcome!

    Moderator: Mr. Schmidt

Fine Arts

List of 8 items.

  • A Cappella

    MSJ A Cappella is a student singing group performing a variety of songs and music styles entirely a cappella, i.e., just vocal harmony. Students have performed at both campus and outside events, including concerts, charity events, and over the radio.

    Moderator: Mr. Hurley
  • Choir & Choir Band

    Open to all student musicians (vocalisits & instrumentalists) looking to be integral members to the music ministry at school Masses and prayer services. Additionally, students in choir/choir band will perform in two full-scale concerts (1 per semester) with the opportunity to perform in a few chamber concerts and recitals offered throughout the year.

    Moderators: Mr. Slattery & Mr. Royer
  • Drama Club

    The Drama Club presents two productions every year. The drama club presents a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. No former drama experience is necessary for students to participate. Students simply need to attend the auditions in order to become part of the club.

    Moderators: Mr. Hartsfield, Mr. Stromberg, Ms. Esserwein, Mr. Hurley & Mr. Slattery
  • Jazz Band

    Jazz Band is an ensemble that meets after school and performs big band and jazz combo style pieces. Students learn advanced technique on their instrument, music theory concepts and improvisation.

    Moderator: Mr. Royer
  • Musical Chairs (Chamber Music)

    Musical Chairs is an opportunity for any students that play an instrument to play together. Students develop arrangements to play a variety of music from Beethoven to Star Wars to Coldplay.

    Moderators: Dr. Obniski & Mr. Royer
  • Pep Band

    The Pep Band performs at all Home Football Games and select Basketball Games. Students that are interested in playing but are not enrolled in the band class may still play at the games

    Moderator: Mr. Royer
  • Pit Band

    A Broadway-style pit band that accompanies MSJ's musical productions.

    Moderator: Mr. Royer
  • Stage and Tech Crew

    Members of the stage crew handle the behind-the-scenes tasks that are necessary for putting on theatrical performances.

    Moderator: Mrs. Stender

Student Media and Publications

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  • Student Marketing Team

    The Student Marketing Team will learn the fundamentals of marketing and help promote the school. This team helps run the @msjstudents social media accounts and will also be gaining experience in writing, design, photography, and videography.

    Moderators: Mr. Schuberth & Ms. Kirchenheiter
  • Student Media Productions

    Student Media is the encompassing name for the media that students will be publishing online. The Quill is the online student newspaper of Mount Saint Joseph HS. Students write, record videos, do live broadcasts, and publish material for the MSJ community. They are also responsible for live homeroom broadcasts and live sporting event broadcasting. They also help out with the production of the live homeroom quiz games. In addition, students report school news, happenings, interviews, and information on social media as part of @InstaGaelNews on IG.

    Moderator: Mr. Schultheis
  • The Tower Yearbook

    Create the yearbook.

    Moderators: Mr. Gibbons & Mrs. Connolly

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