iPad Program

What is the iPad Program?

The goal of the iPad program is for teachers and students to continue to engage in a rigorous, college-preparatory program by expanding the possibilities for interactive learning both inside and outside the classroom. Students and teachers will have greater opportunities to communicate assignments and feedback, and students will be able to collaborate and organize notes and assignments. Additionally, they will be able to store and access their digital textbooks on the device.

iPad FAQs

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  • Should we purchase an iPad on our own?

    No, MSJ will purchase, maintain control of the devices, and manage the warranty.  The school will distribute them to the freshmen at the beginning of the school year. Students will be responsible for care of the devices, which includes taking the device to the Apple Store for repair when beyond the Technology Office’s capability.  Students will be given the device upon graduation.
  • What kind of iPad will students receive?

    Each student will receive a school-managed iPad, charger, and keyboard case. These will be released from management after graduation.
  • Will all my child’s books be on the device?

    Students will have a hybrid of digital textbooks, loaded content, and traditional textbooks.
  • How much will the device cost?

    As part of the annual fees and payments, families will be charged an annual technology fee of $400.00. This will cover the cost of the device, digital content, licenses, software, and other costs. Families will be charged a technology fee each year.
  • We have an iPad already. Can we use this device instead?

    No, each student must have a school issued device and all families must pay the technology fee. The technology fee, along with purchases of traditional textbooks and digital content, amounts to the average annual book payment for families at MSJ. Because the school manages the devices, we are better prepared to support the student to minimize loss of academic instruction. 
  • What if the device is damaged, lost, or stolen?

    The student is responsible for the care of their device. Every iPad comes with a warranty, in case of accidental damage the device will be repaired or replaced at the Apple Store for a $50 fee. 
    The school’s management software can help us find the location of an iPad and in most cases they are found or turned in at the school.  However, the student is responsible to replace any iPad that is lost or stolen.

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