Academic Overview

What Will You Achieve at The Mount?

Mount Saint Joseph offers rigorous, college preparatory academics. Students participate in lively discussion, independent, critical thinking, and positive interactions, working together to explore complex questions. With nearly 60 Advanced Placement and honors level course offerings and a variety of co-curricular enrichment activities, students are provided with every opportunity to challenge themselves and expand their knowledge, while pursuing personal interests, developing new skills, and building stronger relationships with their classmates.

Nick Jones '19

Freshman year, I was an average, college prep student with straight A's but a workload that wasn't very rigorous. Today, you'll see me in only honors and AP-level classes, challenging myself to understand the complicated material.


Graduation Requirements

Credits Subject
4 Theology
4 English
2 World Language
(same language)
3 Mathematics
3 Social Studies
(U.S. History required)
3 Science
(Biology required)
1 Fine Arts
1 Physical Education & Health
1 Technology
0.5 Personal Finance & Investment Strategies
1.5 Elective Subjects

Mount Saint Joseph High School

Mount Saint Joseph is a Catholic, college preparatory school for young men sponsored by the Xaverian Brothers.