Planned Giving

Ensuring the Future of The Mount

Planned giving provides multiple opportunities for donors to support Mount Saint Joseph while also receiving tax breaks and other financial benefits. There are many options that provide the donor with income payments and also a charitable deduction. We recommend consulting a financial professional prior to making any decisions regarding planned giving. All of the ways of giving listed below help to ensure a secure future for The Mount.

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  • Bequests (Br. Nilus Cullen, C.F.X. Legacy Society)

    Bequests are a simple way to support Mount Saint Joseph and to help provide for its future. Bequests to The Mount may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose.
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  • Gifts of Real Estate

    A gift of real estate to Mount Saint Joseph is a unique way to support the school while also achieving a possible avoidance of capital gains tax and receiving a charitable income tax deduction. Also, the value of the real estate is taken out of your taxable estate. Real estate can be given to The Mount through different means including bequeathing the property, giving the property outright, transferring the property into a charitable remainder trust, or establishing a retained life estate. A retained life estate is established when you give your residence or vacation property to Mount Saint Joseph but reserve the use of the property for your life and/or the life of another beneficiary.

    Benefits to the donor:
    • Donation will result in receiving a charitable income tax deduction
    • Value of real estate taken out of taxable estate
    • Many options in making a donation of real estate
  • Life Insurance Gifts

    Gifts of life insurance are a good way to make a gift to The Mount without incurring a large expense. You can donate either a paid-up policy or a policy where you are still making the premium payments. In both cases you may qualify for a charitable deduction.

    Benefits to the donor:
    • Support Mount Saint Joseph without incurring a large personal expense
    • Qualify for a charitable deduction
  • Retirement Plan Gifts

    Retirement plan gifts are another easy way to support Mount Saint Joseph and they are a great asset to give to a charity. Retirement plan assets are often taxed at extremely high rates, upwards of 50%. Therefore, it makes more sense to pass assets along to heirs that are taxed at lower rates and donate retirement plan assets to The Mount. Simply name Mount Saint Joseph as the beneficiary of your 401(k), 403(b) or IRA.
Contact Mrs. Emily Rollins, Executive Director of Development, at 410-646-4700 or for more information about planned giving.

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