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DePaul Program


The DePaul Program is a four-year program designed for college-bound students with specifically diagnosed mild learning/language disabilities such as, dyslexia, dysgraphia, or other language-related difficulties. The program’s goal is to help each student recognize and nurture his strengths while improving his overall performance in the classroom. The Mount believes academic excellence is an achievable goal for all students as each one learns and grows according to their individual talents.

Based on evaluations of each student, an educational plan will be designed and customized to meet each student’s individual needs. Students receive individual or small group instruction with a learning/language specialist for one period each day. During this time, students will participate in a lesson, determined by their individual education plan, devoted to improving the areas in which they need the most help. Students receive study skills and techniques to help them develop better organizational skills and study skills.

Admissions Requirements

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Students will be enrolled in the same academic classes as other students at Mount Saint Joseph. However, students in the DePaul Program will receive accommodations when necessary. Some accommodations may include extended testing times, audio books. assistance with note taking, and preferential seating.

Freshmen do not take a foreign language. Students will take a foreign language appreciation class sophomore year to complete their foreign language graduation requirement. They can elect to take a language later, if they choose.

Parent/Son Partnership

Your son is entering a new phase in his education – high school. This transition can be intimidating as students are getting to know a new campus and teachers, making friends, and managing schoolwork along with after school activities. Your support and guidance are especially important during this new and exciting time.

We require parents to attend monthly meetings for the DePaul Program. This enables us to stay in touch with you about the program’s different components, and provide you with a built in support group. But most important it gives us the chance to address important issues concerning your son’s education. The meetings will give all of us the opportunity to view a variety of learning materials, as well as discuss the best possible ways to ensure your son’s success in the classroom.
For more information about the DePaul Program, contact Mrs. Kate Chapman, Director of Special Programs, at 410-644-3300 x259 or

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