Jason Bogusz '00 - Life in Copenhagen

Jason took a job with international jewelry manufacturer Pandora in 2013 and began working closely with the company’s global headquarters in Copenhagen. He visited frequently and one year brought his wife and daughters along for an extended holiday. The whole family fell in love with the city.

“Copenhagen is a beautiful, clean city with a mix of old and modern European architecture, a vibrant/thriving café, boating, and biking culture, and has been named a Top Five Most Livable City in the World for years,” says Jason. “Before our trip ended, we decided if the opportunity ever arose to move abroad, we would take it.” So, when that opportunity came knocking in June of 2018, Jason accepted a position as Pandora’s head of global product development and analysis, and he and his family made the move to Copenhagen.

While they love their new life in Denmark, there are a few things from back home they wish they could have brought with them. “Things in the US that we miss the most?” Jason considers. “Urgent care clinics, Chipotle, garbage disposals in our kitchen sink, crab feasts, air conditioning, and my wife's biggest personal loss, Target.”

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    • Jason and his family on vacation in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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