Substitute Teachers

Mount Saint Joseph is currently looking for substitute teachers for the school year. Inquiries should be directed to Mr. Robert Peace at Please review the checklist below before applying.
Before you begin substituting:
When you come to campus to substitute:
  • You may park in the Senior Lot at the bottom of the hill or the parking lot near the gym. There are a few unmarked spaces on the lower road behind the school buildings. Please do not park in a numbered spot.
  • Please come dressed professionally. Men should wear a button down shirt and tie.
  • You will receive an email reminder from the Studies Office the night before your assigned day.
  • Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of your first class.
  • When you arrive, please report to the Administration office in St. Joseph Hall. You will receive your sub packets, keys, and lunch pass. When you enter a classroom, please set the door to the locked position and keep the door closed during class. Students who are late should report to Mrs. Baker for a late slip.
  • Please remember to take attendance at the beginning of each class and then send a student with the attendance list to Mrs. Baker after you have taken attendance.
  • For each class, lead the students in prayer or have a student do so, take attendance, and then communicate the assignment and put it on the board. Students should work quietly during the class period unless the teacher gives instructions for students to work together.
  • Collect work after each class unless teacher indicates otherwise on the sub plans.
  • In the event of an assembly or mass, please sit with your assigned homeroom and take attendance.
  • Look at the exit diagram for each classroom you are covering in the event of a fire drill. You will receive a copy of a map for homerooms to report to at the stadium. In the event of a fire drill, you go to the spot for the homeroom you are covering, not the current class.
  • In the event of a lockdown drill or actual lockdown situation, make sure the door is shut and locked, all shades are drawn, lights off, and that the students are on the floor away from doors and windows as much as possible. DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR UNTIL THE ALL CLEAR IS GIVEN ON THE ANNOUNCEMENTS.
  • Please return all student work to the Studies Office at the end of the day.

Mount Saint Joseph High School

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