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Dear incoming Freshmen, Transfer Students & Parents:

The entire Mount community engages in a school-wide Summer Reading program. The purpose of this program is to encourage reading, not just for all of its academic and learning benefits, but to help students discover that reading can be a meaningful and pleasurable activity. Every student and teacher at MSJ chooses a book (from a list – see below) to read during the summer, and on a day in September, students and faculty will split up into book groups to discuss what they read. This is a mandatory program, and part of a student’s official schedule. Participatory credit is indicated on a student’s report card upon successful completion of the program, but it is not tied to a particular academic class.




1) Peruse the list of book titles and blurbs (Click either PDF or Word Doc) available for the school-wide Summer Reading program. 

2) From this list, decide on a first, second and third choice of book to read. Students are only required to read one book for the school-wide program, and every effort will be made to enroll each student in his first choice of book. However, for scheduling purposes, many students will need to be assigned their second or third choices.

3) Complete the Summer Reading Book Selection form. Please fill out and electronically submit your form NO LATER THAN 11:59 pm SUNDAY, MAY 20th. Note: this form is only for incoming freshmen and transfer students; rising MSJ sophomores, juniors and seniors currently enrolled at MSJ register for summer reading by paper forms on campus in their English classes.

4) In late May or early June, students will receive a broadcast email from the Studies Office. This email will include a copy of your son’s schedule, including enrollment in a particular section of course 923 = Summer Reading. After receiving this email, PLEASE CHECK THE SECTION NUMBER OF COURSE 923 SUMMER READING, AND THEN VERIFY AT THE MSJ WEBSITE WHICH BOOK YOUR SON NEEDS TO READ.

5) If any student fails to submit any choices for his summer reading book by 11:59 pm SUNDAY, MAY 20th, he will be assigned a book title to read, and this will be reflected on his schedule, as described above. It is our strong hope that every student will take the opportunity himself to select a book of his choosing and interest.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Mr. Greg McDivitt
Assistant Principal, Director of Studies

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