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DePaul Program Overview 
Frequently Asked Questions

  • The DePaul program is designed for college bound students with specifically diagnosed mild learning/language disabilities. We will help your son recognize his strengths and we will improve on his weaknesses. 
  • The DePaul Program is a 4-year program. We will work on specific skills required for your son each year he attends MSJ.
  • Freshmen do not take a foreign language. Students will take a foreign language appreciation class sophomore year. This will complete their foreign language requirement to graduate from MSJ. They can elect to take a language later on if they so choose. 
  • Students will take all tests in the DePaul Center. This will allow them more time to test and also receive help in reading parts of the test. 
  • Students will receive help with organization with their notes and papers. We will make sure that notes are being taken correctly. If necessary we will get copies of notes from the teacher to assist your son’s
    note taking
  • We will write a Formal Plan for your son within the first month of school. We will meet with his teacher before school starts to let the teachers know that your son is a DePaul student and what his needs will be in the classroom. We will also meet with teachers to help them understand the Formal Plan. 
  • There are 8 periods a day, 7 academic and 1 lunch period.
  • DePaul sessions are held once a day. Your son will meet in a small group of no more than 3 students in a group. They will be grouped by ability and common class schedules. During this session we will work on academic skills, organization skills, test taking strategies and much more!
  • Any academic issues pertaining to your son’s Learning Disability should come to the DePaul teacher. Personal or emotional problems are to be referred to the assigned guidance counselor.
  • Contact with parents is done in a variety of ways. Monthly, we have meetings. Weekly, we usually communicate by e-mail or by phone. Daily, the DePaul teacher will send a note about what was accomplished during DePaul and what needs to be done at home. 
  • We encourage all of the parents to provide us feedback, comments, and suggestions. 
  • Students must be motivated and committed to success. They need to work hard to be successful at MSJ. 
For more information about the DePaul Program, contact: Mrs. Kate Chapman, Director of Special Programs 410-644-3300 X259 e-mail:
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