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Parent/Son Partnership

Your son is entering a new phase in his education – high school. This transition can be intimidating for some because of the new campus; getting to know new teachers; making friends and managing schoolwork along with sports and after school activities. It is during this time that your support and guidance are very important. 

We require parents to attend monthly meetings for the DePaul Program. This enables us to stay in touch with you about the program’s different components, and provide you with a built in support group. But most important it gives us the chance to address important issues concerning your son’s education. The meetings will give all of us the opportunity to view a variety of learning materials, as well as discuss the best possible ways to ensure your son’s success in the classroom.

“Diamonds in the rough require a few healthy cracks with a chisel to smooth the rough edges and to bring out their inherent beauty. Your son will survive the polishing process and so will you. If the corporate wisdom holds true, you and your son will both be rightly proud when the polishing is done.” 

Respecting the Man the Boy Will Become
Brother James Kelly, C.F.X. 
Mount Saint Joseph President,  2001-2011
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