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Drinking Water Testing Underway 

Following the new Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) mandate, the Mount Saint Joseph High School (MSJ) Facilities Department will begin testing all campus drinking water sources for the possibility of increased lead levels.  The testing is being conducted to comply with a new state regulation requiring lead testing of drinking water outlets in all Maryland schools, and not because of any concerns with drinking the MSJ campus water

Two members of the MSJ Facilities Department have been certified by the MDE to collect samples for lab testing.  We will begin testing this fall.  MSJ must complete testing prior to July 1, 2019.  Once the annual testing has been completed, test results will be available upon request.  Note: MSJ's previous water testing for lead have always returned from the lab marked negative.

The drinking water testing will include the following: all kitchen water faucets, water fountains, bottle coolers (large office type stands), classroom labs, ice machines, restrooms faucets, sports fields drinking sources, and outside wall hose faucets. 

For more information, please contact the Director of Facilities at

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