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Designed to aid in college and career mentorship, the Brothers for Life Network will provide the opportunity for young alumni to connect with alumni who are already established in their professions. The experienced alumni will act as "career coaches," helping the younger men discern the best college courses to take or career paths to pursue, and will assist them in the search for internships or jobs after graduation. The pair will be provided a loose schedule of touch-points or content that can be discussed during mentoring sessions.
Students and coaches who sign up to take part in this program will be matched based on their colleges, majors, career fields, and desired post-graduation location. Alumni do not have to be local to participate, as they will have the ability to be a "virtual mentor" in this project. Sign up below to be a coach or mentee.
For questions about the program, contact Julie Rose at
If you are still in school, choose the degree you are currently pursuing.​
If you have experience in multiple fields, you may elaborate here.​

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