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Lifetime Income Gifts

Each of the following gifts provides you with an attractive lifetime income stream as well as income and estate tax benefits. In addition, your gift will provide generous support to Mount Saint Joseph.

  • Charitable Gift Annuity - A Charitable Gift Annuity is easy to set up and it benefits both you and the Mount. You transfer assets to Mount Saint Joseph and you and/or your spouse, or another beneficiary, receive a fixed income for the remainder of your lifetime(s).

  • Charitable Lead Trust - A Charitable Lead Trust allows you to designate your heirs as the ultimate beneficiaries while also providing the Mount with an income stream for a term of years. You transfer assets to Mount Saint Joseph or a trustee of your choice and during the term of years a fixed or variable income is paid to the school.

  • Charitable Remainder Trust - A Charitable Remainder Trust provides income to you or to other named income beneficiaries for life, a set number of years, or a combination of the two. The remaining amount is a gift to Mount Saint Joseph.

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