Fall 2017 VERBAL SAT Prep
Posted 08/15/2017 02:46PM

VERBAL SAT Prep Fall 2017

Information and Registration Form

Cost: $125 (Does not include the cost of the book.)

Book: Barron’s SAT (latest edition) available in MSJ bookstore.

Instructor for Verbal Class: Mr. Bernd McDivitt

Dates: School days September 18th – October 6th

Verbal class emphasizes test readiness, test-taking skills, sentence

completions, reading comprehension passages, grammar and writing skills, and the essay.

Time:  The class will meet at 7:15 am and conclude before the first class of the day.  Dates:  September 18 – October 6.  DETACH the bottom of this form and give to Mr. McDivitt in room #209.  PLEASE COMPLETE ALL OF THE INFORMATION BELOW.


Registration form: Detach and give to Mr. McDivitt in room #209.

Student Name: ______________________ Homeroom # _________


Parent email address: _____________________________


Paid by _____check (Payable to Mt. St. Joseph) _____ cash