Policy for Shadow Visits & Interviews
Any changes in the operation of the school due to inclement weather will be announced over WBAL Media, and Mount Saint Joseph will be mentioned by name in the announcement. Information will also be posted on the Mount Saint Joseph website and through Twitter @MSJGaels.
Mount Saint Joseph will make an independent announcement using the counties of Baltimore, Anne Arundel and Howard to make the decision of any changes to the daily schedule due to inclement weather.

Interviews and shadow visits: If there is a 1 or 2 hour delay, all morning interviews scheduled before school opens according to the delay will be canceled. All afternoon and evening interviews will still take place. If school is to close early, all admissions appointments and school activities are canceled. For shadow visits, if there is any delay, there will be no shadow visits for that day. If the school is closed, all admissions appointments will be canceled.
Contact Mr. Marc Hoffman with any questions or to reschedule your appointments: mhoffman@msjnet.edu