Summer Reading 2019

School-Wide Summer Reading

For the Course 920 School-Wide Summer Reading and Discussion Group program students select a book from the extensive pre-approved list and then earn credit for successful completion of the discussion group requirement, which takes place in early September. Each student must complete his Course 920 Summer Reading selection by the early September Book Discussion Day. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors should check PlusPortals for additional required readings and assignments for their English classes.

Instructions for Class of 2023

List of 4 items.

  • Step 1

  • Step 2

    From this list, decide on a first, second and third choice of book to read. Students are only required to read one book for the school-wide program, and every effort will be made to enroll each student in his first choice of book. However, for scheduling purposes, many students will need to be assigned their second or third choices.
  • Step 3

    Complete the Summer Reading Book Selection form. Please fill out and electronically submit your form no later than Monday, May 20.

    Note: this form is only for incoming freshmen and transfer students; rising MSJ sophomores, juniors and seniors currently enrolled at MSJ register for summer reading via the form found at MSJ's PlusPortals page.

    If any student fails to submit any choices for his summer reading book by Monday, May 20, he will be assigned a book title to read, and this will be reflected on his schedule, as described below.
  • Step 4

    After receiving a copy of your schedule (distributed at the Incoming Freshman Parent Orientation meeting June 11th or mailed to you shortly thereafter), check the two-digit section number of course 920-XX and cross-reference it with the Summer Reading Section List also received (or see the link at the upper right of this page) to verify what book you should read.
    In order to determine what written work is required for summer reading, also check your schedule for the English course (freshmen – course 210 or 211) and teacher and then click on the appropriate button below.

Questions? Contact:

Mr. Greg McDivitt
Assistant Principal, Director of Studies

Mrs. Paula Wichmann
Director of Library Services

Mrs. Rachel Bruce
English Department Chair

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