MSJ Robotics Team Wins State Championship - New Video
Posted 05/17/2011 12:11PM

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Congratulations to Robotic students, Bryan Von Hagel '11, Alex Buckler '12, Brandon Smith-Saxon '13, Morgan Brown '13 , & Maxwell Andrew '14 who finished in first place at the US Naval Academy's Underwater Robotic Challenge this past weekend, beating out 96 other Maryland teams to advance to the National Championship at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

The MSJ students were in 3rd place after the preliminary speed trials and advanced to the "cap the well" state championship where they were pitted against 8 other Maryland schools. In the simulated oil spill, the MSJ student's had to pick up the well cap of a simulated leaking oil well 8 feet under the water, and maneuver it onto the well. The lid had to stay on the well so that the well stayed "capped".

Senior Bryan Von Hagel piloted MSJ team 1 to a overall first place time of 1 minute 44 seconds beating the second place team by almost a complete minute.

The championship team poses with Br. James and Mr. Fitz. From left: Mr. Barry Fitzpatrick - MSJ Principal, Brandon Smith-Saxon '13, Alex Buckler '12, Maxwell Andrew '14, Morgan Brown '13, Bryan Von Hagel '11 and Br. James Kelly, C.F.X. - MSJ President