iPad User Agreement

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Return this iPad User Agreement to your Homeroom Teacher

I have read, understand and agree to abide by the MSJ Student Pledge for iPad Use and the Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy. I agree that in keeping with the philosophy and beliefs of Mount Saint Joseph High School, it is ultimately my responsibility to make good choices when I use the iPad at all times and in all places. Should I commit any act in violation of either the Pledge or the Policy, I understand that my access privilege may be restricted and disciplinary action may be taken against me.

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Parent or Guardian iPad User Agreement (to be read and signed by parent or guardian)

As the parent or legal guardian of this student, I have read, understand and agree that my student shall comply with the terms of the MSJ Student Pledge for iPad Use and the Electronic Device Acceptable Use Policy for student access to the school's computer network and the Internet. I understand that access is being provided to the students for educational purposes only. However, I also understand that it is impossible for the school to restrict access to all offensive and controversial materials and understand my child's role in acting as a responsible digital citizen. I am therefore signing this Agreement and will not hold Mount Saint Joseph High School responsible against any claims, damages, losses and costs, of whatever kind, that may result from any violation by my child's use of the iPad. In the case of damage, I accept responsibility for the $25 to rent another MSJ iPad until the original iPad has been repaired and returned by the manufacturer. Repeated damage will result in increased rental fees. In the case of loss, I accept responsibility for the replacement cost of $525. I hereby give permission for my child to use the MSJ iPad and to access the campus network and the Internet.


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